Anthropology Resources on the Internet

NOTE: PLEASE do NOT write to me requesting additional information on anthropological topics; this list comprises most of what i have to offer to the community - i simply do not have the time to field the numerous individual requests for information-gathering that i regularly receive. Thanks.


This is a comprehensive list of Internet Resources which are directly and primarily of anthropological relevance; in order to retain manageability, i have omitted sites which only tangentially deal with anthropology, such as native issues, "primitive art", history, etc.

I regret that i do not have the space to thank everyone who's contributed to this list over the years, although many of you are out there...of course, any errors or omissions are purely my own; if you come across any, i'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact me with additions, corrections, or requests to reprint all or portions of this document at:

Take my list, please!

I am finding myself with insufficient time to update this list as frequently as it ought to be; if you are interested in dedicating yourself to taking over and maintaining this list,and have the capability to add a search engine, please drop me a line!


E-mail Discussion Groups

American Cultural Resources Association--send message "subscribe acra-l your name" to

Digital archiving of archaeological data--send message "join ads-all your name" to; archives at

Pre-Classical Aegean World -- send message "subscribe aegeanet" to

AIA-L {moderated}
Archaeology & Technology -- send message "subscribe aia-l" to

Ancient Near East -- send message "subscribe ane" to

Discussion Forum for Information Specialists in Anthropology, Sociology and Related Fields -- send message "subscribe anss-l your name" to

Anthropology of the Former Soviet Bloc -- send message "subscribe AnthEurasia-L your name" to

Anthropology in general -- send message "subscribe anthro-l your-first-name your-last-name" to; Home page & archives at; mirror of archives at

Liberation anthropology -- send message "subscribe anthro-lib your-first-name your-last-name" to


Women anthropologists networking with other anthropology professionals and students -- send message "subscribe" to

Anthropology theory -- send message "subscribe anththeory-l your-first-name your-last-name" to

Anthropololgy and archaeology (in Spanish/en español) -- send message "subscribe ant-arq your name" to

Archaeobotany -- send message "subscribe archaeobotany your name" to

Arctic archaeology --send message "subscribe arch-arctic" to

German archaeology/Mailingliste zur deutschsprachigen Archaeologie (primarily in German/Ueberwiegend deutsch) --send message "subscribe arch-de" to

Archaeology -- send message "subscribe arch-l your name" to

Archaeology/history of metallurgy -- send message "join arch-metals your name" to

Students of Archaeology -- send message "subscribe arch-student your name" to

Archaeological theory in Europe -- send message "join arch-theory your name" to

Archaeological computing -- send message "sub ARCHCOMP-L your name" to

Romanian archaeology -- send message "subscribe ARHEOLOGIE-L your name" to

Material culture study/methods -- send message "subscribe artifact your-first" to

ARQUEOANDINA {moderated}
For professionals interested in Andean archaeology -- send message "subscribe arqueoandina" to

Anthropology of Oceania -- send message "sub asaonet your name" to

Australian archaeology -- Contact Peter Hiscock at

Precolumbian Mesoamerican studies -- send message "subscribe aztlan your name" to

Discussion in British archaeology -- send message "join britarch first-name last-name" to

Carbon fourteen dating issues -- send message "subscribe c14-l your name" to

Craniofacial Biology Research -- send message "subscribe cbr-l" to

Celtic linguistics -- send request to

Prehistoric ceramics - Send message "sub ceramics-l first-name last-name" to

CONSDIST {moderated}
For professionals engaged in conservation of cultural materials -- send request to

Center for Research and Fieldwork in Anthropology, University of Texas at Arlington -- send message "subscribe crfa-l" to

Cross-cultural research in information systems -- contact Roberto Evaristo {}

Technology transfer in international development -- send message "subscribe devel-l your name" to

East Asian Archaeology Network (early East Asian Archaeology and History) -- send message "subscribe eaan" (without quotes; also without signature and subject line, if possible) to

East Asian anthropology -- "subscribe easianth your name" to

Ethnomusicology -- send message "subscribe ethmus-l your name" to

Irish & British Ethnography -- send message "subscribe ethnet-l your name" to

Ethnomethodology/conversation analysis -- send message "subscribe ethno your name" to

Ethnobiology (use of plants and animals by native peoples worldwide) -- send message "subscribe ethno-bio" to

Folklore -- send message "subscribe folklore your name" to

Georgia archaeology -- send message "subscribe gaarch-l your name" to

Older Germanic languages (to 1500) -- send request to

GIS and Archaeology -- send message to with the following two lines:
subscribe gisarch your name

Archaeology of the ancient Greek world -- send message "subscribe greekarch your e-mail address" to

State & local history -- send message "subscribe h-local your name" to

Anthropology of Europe -- send message "subscribe h-sae your name" to

Historical Archaeology -- send message "subscribe histarch your name" to

HUMEVO-L {moderated}
Human Evolutionary Research -- send message "sub HUMEVO-L first-name last-name" to

Lista de discusion sobre Paleontologia Iberica e Iberoamericana -- send message "subscribe iberpal your name>" to

Industrial Archaeology -- send message "join ind-arch your name" to

Intercultural communication -- send message "subscribe intercul your name" to

Information and discussion for archaeologists (prehistoric, classical or medieval) interested in Italy - send message "join italian-archaeology firstname lastname" to

Latin American linguistics -- send request to

Linguistics -- send message "subscribe linguist your name" to

Analysis of archaeological lithics, natural and artificial -- send message "sub lithics-l your name" to

Laboratory primate newsletter -- send message "subscribe lpn-l your name" to

Materialist Anthropology and the Production of Culture Workshop -- send message "subscribe mapc your name" to

Sudanese archaeology -- send message "subscribe MEROITIC your name" to

Discussion of issues relevant to military archaeology -- send message "SUB MIL-ARCH" to

Museum issues -- send message "subscribe museum-l your name" to

Discussion of Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act -- send message "subscribe nagpra-l" to

Native American indigenous languages -- send message "subscribe nat-lang your name" to

Native American Foods -- send message "subscribe natfood-l your name" to

Pacific Rim archaeology -- send message "subscribe pacarc-l your name" to

Primitive diets and their relevance to modern life ("semi-private, semi-moderated") -- ContactDean Esmay at

Physical Anthropology -- send message "sub pan-l your name" to

Papyrology & history/epigraphy/archaeology of Greco-Roman Egypt -- send request to

Petroglyphs, pictographs, etc. -- send message "subscribe rock-art your name" to

Art and archaeology of ancient Italy and the Roman provinces -- send message "subscribe romarch" to; archives at OMARCH.html and

Society for Archaeological Sciences (primarily for members) -- contact Jim Burton {}

Anthropology graduate students -- send message "subscribe sbanth-l your name" to

Society for Professional Archeologists -- send message "subscribe sopa your-name your-e-mail-address" to

History and archaeology of the Spanish Borderlands -- send message "subscribe spanboard your name" to

Discussion of Caribbean archaeology and ethnology -- send message "subscribe standpipe-l first-name last-name" to

Underwater archaeology -- send message "subscribe sub-arch your name" to

Texas Archeological Society (TAS; restricted to current members of TAS) -- refer to

Women in anthropology -- send message "subscribe coswa-l your name" to

Intercultural communication -- send message "subscribe xcult-x your name" to

History & archaeology of timber-framed construction -- send message "subscribe xylhist-l your name" to

Usenet Discussion Groups

Programs and Files via Anonymous FTP

Bonn Archaeological Statistics Package (BASP) {USA} {Europe}

Centre for Computer-aided Egyptological Resources (CCER) [also available via World Wide Web]

CSAC Ethnographics Gallery/Intermedia Library [also available via World Wide Web]

Linguistics Archive Syllabi, handouts, fonts, lexica, software, papers, digests, more!

Linguistics Archive (A smaller one than the one above)

Mayan Epigraphic Database Project [also available via World Wide Web]

Radiocarbon calibration program for IBMs

Shamanism-General Overview--Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

World Wide Web Servers: General

ANT-ARQ Data base (with search engine to find antropologists)

AnthroGlobe ("An initiative to broaden professional electronic communication" amongst anthropologists)

AnthroLink (Exchange of information, curricula, and notes for anthropology instructors in community colleges and secondary schools)

Anthromorphemics: Anthropology Glossary

Anthropological Index (published by the Royal Anthropological Institute; covers the periodical collection of the British, Museum Department of Ethnography {Museum of Mankind})

Anthropology: Cultural Resource Management

Anthropology and Environment Directory

Anthropology in the News

Classics of Out(land)ish Anthropology

Culture Tour (a multimedia introduction to anthropology)

CSAC Ethnographics Gallery/Intermedia Library

Directory of Archaeological Societies and Newsletters

Ethnoarchaeology Bibliography {compiled by Dr. Nicholas David, Department of Archaeology at the University of Calgary}

Ethnomusicology Online

First Anthropology and Archaeology virtual congress

H-SAE (Society for the Anthropology of Europe discussion group) web page

Internet Resources for Heritage Conservation, Historic Preservation, and Archaeology

L'Arch-Ecologie sous les mers

Naked Scientific Archaeology & Co-Ed Physical Anthropology Page ("A blend of the educational, the entertaining, and the merely anomalous")

New Jersey Archaeology, History and Anthropology Events

Precolumbiana (in Italian)

Sharlotte Neely's Anthropology Home Page (with a number of entertaining anthro links!)

UCSB Anthropology Web Site

World Heritage Centre {see World Heritage Gopher, above}

Worldwide Email Directory of Anthropologists [also available via FTP]

Writing Tools for Anthropology Students

World Wide Web Servers: Archaeology

American Cultural Resources Association

Ancient World Web

Andean Bioarchaeology

Archaeological laws from the western portion of the United States

Archaeological Predictive Modelling Project, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Archaeological Research in Northeastern Nigeria

Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe

Archaeologie en Martinique (in French)

Archaeologists using GIS

Archaeology and Architecture (European and Mediterranean Archaeology)

Archaeology and History in the California State Park System

Archaeology and Tourism in Sicily

Archaeology Data Service (digital archive for archaeology in the UK)

Archaeology in Luxembourg

Archaeology in Malta

Archaeology Jobs in the Southwest

Archaeology of the European Expansion

Archaeology of Teotihuacan, Mexico: Feathered Serpent Pyramid Pages

Archaeology on Film

Archaeology on the Net (Web Ring)

Archaeology World (maintained by Australian National University)

Archaeometry Research Group (Heidelberg, Germany)

ArchDATA (French archaeological resource guide; in French)

Archnet (Prehistoric archaeology of the northeast)

ARISITUM (History and Archeology in France; in French)

Arqueología Peruana (Peruvian Archaeology; in Spanish/en español)

Bangladesh Archaeological Sites and Monuments list

Beirut Archaeology

Biblical archaeology and historical geography of Israel

Bibliography of Aegean Prehistory and Related Areas

CAA++ (Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology)

Cameron's Archaeology Photo Gallery

Circle of Rock Art

Classical Archaeology - List of web/gopher/ftp sites

Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology World Wide Web server

Colorado Archaeological Network

Computer Based Archaeological Mapping And Digitizing

Concangis (Roman fort at Church Chare, County Durham (UK)

Contract Archaeology Companies

Contract Archaeology List (courtesy of the SAA)

Costa Rican Archaeology
One Hundred Years of Anthropology in Costa Rica:
Gold, Jade, Forests: Costa Rica:

Discover India (Archaelogy in India)

Discovery Programme (archaeological research programme based in Dublin, Ireland)

Exploring Ancient World Cultures

FAQ: Careers in Archaeology in the U.S.

Gacetilla de Archaeología (in Spanish/en español)

German Archaeology

Glossary of Archaeological Terms

Greg Reeder's Egypt Page

Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East

Guide to UK archaeology online (Council for British Archaeology)

Harappan Archaeology

Hawaiian Archaeology

Index of online archaeological reports for sites in the Near East

Kamal Archaeology Page (Malaysian Archaeology)

L'Archéologie sous les mers (in French/français)

Les textes juridiques français et internationaux aux l'archéologie (legal texts pertaining to French archaeology; in French/français)

Lithic Procurement Technology"


Little Salt Spring Archaeological Project (GIS/Digital imaging at a SW Florida site)

Manitoba Archaeology

Maya Astronomy Page

Mayan Epigraphic Database Project [also available via FTP]

Mayan Heiroglyphic Syllabary

Mayan Links (Collected by Brian Ampolsk)

MayaQuest (Interactive Mesoamerican expedition)

Mesoamerican Archaeology

National Archeological Database (U.S.)
[or telnet to and login as "nadb" (omit quotes; use lower-case only)]

National Park Service's "Links to the Past"

Native American Graves Protection & Repatriation

Nemea Valley Archaeological Project

Nordic Underwater Archaeology

North American Aborigine Projectile Points and Lithics

Northeast Lithic Database

OCR (Oxidizable Carbon Ratio) Carbon Dating Site

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Archaeological Predictive Modelling Project

Oregon Archaeology: Prehistory

Ousia For the Egyptologist: Archaeology

PAST(Protecting Archaeological Sites Today)

Perseus Project on Art and Archeology (on-line library of Classical art objects, sites, and buildings)

Petroglyphs and Rock Paintings
Pompeii Forum Project

Prehistory of Alaska (National Park Service)

Radiocarbon WEB-info

Regional Archaeological Survey Resource

Sierra Club policy regarding archaeological resources (News, announcements, and documents from archaeological organizations)

South Carolina Petroglyph Survey

South Carolina Rock Art Survey

Southwestern Archaeology I

Southwestern Archaeology Special Interest Group (current events)

State Historic Preservation Office listing (courtesy of ArchNet)

Stone Pages (megalithic sites of Europe)

Syracuse University Historical Archaeology

Teaching Archaeometry

Tennessee Archaeology Network

Tlahuica Cultures of Morelos (Mexico)

UK Archaeology on the Internet (maintained by the Trent and Peak Archaeological Unit at Nottingham University)

Underwater Archaeology (ASSONET)

Upper Midwest Rock Art (including a number of archaeological site reports)

Walking on the rock art paths/Sui sentieri dell'arte rupestre (educational rock art site created by middle-school children)

World Wide Web Servers: Archaeological Sites/Digs

Anglo-American Project at Pompeii

Archaeological Excavations at Boxgrove (England)

Ashkelon Excavations (ancient seaport in Israel)

ArtDaily Art in Motion (animated simulations of site flyovers)

Bournemouth University (various site reports)

BRASS/El Pilar Project (Mayan site on the Belize/Guatemala border)

Burren Archaeology Research Expedition (An "activity vacation" site)

Caracol (Mexico)

Çatalhöyük (virtual dig of site in Turkey)

Chetro Ketl (Southwest U.S.)

Colchester-Stanway burials (England)

Combined Caesarea Excavations: Underwater Excavations of Sebastos, King Herod's Harbor

The Dig Site (documents an archaeological dig in Wadi Natrun, Egypt)

El Cayo (Mexico)

Eli Whitney Armory Site

Excavations at Kamianets-Podilsky, Ukraine

Greek-American Excavation Project at Mochlos (Crete) Mochlos/first.html

Five Points Site (New York City)

Ilgynly-Depe (Turkmenistan)

L'Age du Bronze, Provence-Alpes-Cte d'Azur (in French; English mirror under construction)

Lepcis Magna (Site on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa)

MacIntyre Creek Archaeology Project (Whitehorse, Yukon)

Maya Ruins

Mugello Valley Archaeological Project (SMU Excavations in Tuscany)

Nakbe (Peten, Guatemala)

Novaya Zemlya, Russia

Ohio State University Excavations at Isthmia

Origins of Angkor Archaeological Project

Owens Valley Prehistory Site (California)

Santa Rosa (Guatemala) Archaeological Project

Serpent Mound (Ohio)

UCSD Summer Session 1996, Nahal Tillah (regional archaeological project in Israel)

World Wide Web Servers: Field Schools/Job Opportunities

Archaeological Field Work Opportunities Server

Billown Neolithic Landscape Project, Isle of Man

Blennerhassett Island Archaeological Field School (West Virginia University)

Ma'ax Na Regional Archaeology Project (Belize)

Montclair (NJ) State University Archaeology Field School

Notre Dame Archaeology Field School

Poggio Colla Field School (at Mugello Valley, Tuscany)

Stage de Fouille, La Martre, Gaspésie (Canada)

University of Akron Field Schools

University of Missouri-Columbia Anthropology Department

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Archaeology Field School (Satal K'an, Belize)

Valcamonica, Italy

World Wide Web Servers: Linguistics

Explore! Linguistics (devoted to introducing high school students to the study of language and linguistics)

Ethnologue (Languages of the World)

Human Languages Page

Language Resource Site I (Fonts for indigenous languages & more)

Language Resource Site II

World Wide Web Servers: Cultural Anthropology

Anthropologie et Développement (in French)

The Anthropologist in the Field (Hypertext guide to field work, based on work in Papua New Guinea by Dr. Laura Zimmer Tamakoshi)

Anthropology of Mysticism

Film Archive of Human Ethology

Guide to Library Research in Cultural Anthropology

Huarochiri: A Peruvian Culture in Time

Hunter-Gatherer Bibliography

Kinship & Social Organization: Interactive On-line tutorial

Max Gluckman

The Nacirema

Reflections on Fieldwork Among the Sinai Bedouin Women (w/link to "Live AOL Chat on Sinai Bedouin Women")

Theory in Anthropology (Pages compiled by Indiana University anthro students)

World Wide Web Servers: Physical Anthropology

African Primates at Home (with audio of primate vocalizations)

Anth 1101 Human Origins Website

Aquatic Ape Theory Critique

Fossil Hominids

Hominid Paleo-ethology

Origins of Humankind (Resources concerning human evolution)

PaleoAnthro Home Page

PaleoChat (Online, real time chat room for those interested in Paleontology, Paleoanthropology, Archeology and Evolutionary Biology)

Primate Handedness and Brain Lateralizatin Research Site (with links to other primate sites)

Resources for the Anthropological Study of Food Habits (Bibliography)

World Wide Web Servers: Museums

Anasazi Heritage Center (Bureau of Land Management)

Archaeological Museum of Cagliari, Italy

Archaeological Museum of Kibbutz Ein Dor (Israel)

Arctic Circle

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit

Exploratorium of Science and Art

Federseemuseum Bad Bachau - Reindeer Hunters and Lake Dwellers

Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago

Flints and Stones: Real Life in Prehistory (exhibition)

Frank H. McClung Museum

Franklin Institute Virtual Museum

Heuneberg Museum (Early Iron Age Settlement in Austria)

Hudson Museum of Anthropology - University of Maine

Hungarian National Museum

Illinois State Museum

Israel Museum

Italian Ethnographic Museums (comprehensive list)

Keilschrifttexte des Dritten Jahrtausends V. Chr. im Vorderasiatischen Museum, Berlin (digitized images of cuneiform tablets)

Kelsey Museum of Archaeology at the University of Michigan

Le Musée archéologique de Nice Cimiez (in French)

London Museum of Archaeology

London Museum of Natural History

MASCA(The Museum Applied Science Center for Archaeology at the University of Pennsylvania Museum)

Maxwell Anthropology Museum -- University of New Mexico

Musée d'ethnographie de la Ville de Genève (in French/en Francais)

Museo Arqueológico San Miguel de Azapa (Universidad de Tarapacá, Chile; in Spanish/en español)

Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino (Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art)

Museum of Antiquities, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

MuseumNet (Listings of all the major UK museums)

Museums Around the World (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County)

National Archaeological Museum (Spain)

Northern Kentucky University Museum of Anthropology

Oriental Institute Virtual Museum

Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University

Provincial Museum of Alberta

Russian Paleontological Institute

Southern Utah University Museums & Galleries

Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity web site (Based on a display in the University of Michigan Library's Special Collections)

Trips Museum

UC-Berkeley Museum of Paleontology

University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology

University of Missouri Museum of Anthropology

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Virtual Museum of the Prehistoric Stelae-Statues of Lunigiana (north Tuscany, Italy)

Voice of the Shuttle Museum List


William Hammond Mathers Museum, Indiana University

Yahoo - Museums and Galleries

World Wide Web Servers: Academic Institutions

Agnes Scott College (Decatur, Georgia), Department of Political Science, Sociology, and Anthropology

American University, Department of Anthropology

Appalachian State University, Department of Anthropology

Arizona State University, Department of Anthropology

Australian National University
Department of Archaeology and Anthropology:
Department of Anthropology, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies:

Bilkent University (Turkey), Department of Archaeology and History of Art

Binghamton University
Department of Anthropology:
Public Archaelogy Facility:
Community Archaeology Program:

Bloomsburg University, Department of Anthropology

Boston University, Department of Anthropology

Bournemouth University
Archaeology Group (Department of Archaeology):
School of Conservation Sciences (Archaeology, Heritage Conservation, Environmental Sciences):

Brown University, Department of Anthropology

California Academy of Sciences, Anthropology Department

California State University at Northridge, Department of Anthropology

Central Connecticut State University, Department of Anthropology

Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Anthropology

College of Mount St. Joseph's (Cincinnati, Ohio) Anthropology Minor

Cornell University, Department of Anthropology

Emory University, Department of Anthropology

Flinders University, Archaeology Home Page (Australia)

Florida State University, Anthropology Department

Freiburg Institute for Prehistory and Early History

Freie Universität Berlin, Institut für Ethnologie (in German/Deutsch)

George Mason University, Anthropology Program, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Georgia State University, Department of Anthropology and Geography

Hamline University (Minnesota), Department of Anthropology

Harvard University, Department of Anthropology

Helsinki University, Department of Anthropology

Humboldt State University (Arcata, CA)
Anthropology department:
Archaeology Lab:

Hunter College [CUNY], Department of Anthropology

Indiana University, Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology (including numerous site reports)

Jagiellonian Uniwersity, Institute of Archaeology (Cracow, Poland) [under construction?]

James Cook University, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology (Australia)

Konstanz University, focused research program in literary anthropology (Germany)

Lawrence University, Department of Anthropology

Lehigh University (Pennsylvania), Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia), Department of Anthropology

Massey University (New Zealand), Department of Social Anthropology

McGill University, Archaeology Resource Circle

Melbourne University, Department of Classics & Archaeology

Mesa (Arizona) Community College, Department of Anthropology

Michigan Technological University, Program in Industrial Archaeology and History

Mississippi State University, Cobb Institute of Archaeology

Montclair State University, Center for Archaeological Studies

Northern Arizona University
Department of Anthropology:
Navaho Nation Archaeology Department:

Northern Kentucky University, Department of Anthropology

Northern Territory University, Archaeology Gateway (Australia)

Notre Dame, Anthropology Dept

Oregon State University, Anthropology Department

Portland State University, Department of Anthropology

Quinebaug Valley Community-Technical College (Danielson, CT), Department of Anthropology/Sociology

Radford University, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

St. Louis Community College, Anthropology/Archaeology Program

San Diego State University, Student Anthropology home-page

San Francisco State University , Department of Anthropology

School of Archaeology Studies, University of Leicester, England

Sonoma State University, Anthropological Studies Center

Sonoma State University, Deptartment of Anthropology

Southampton University, Archaeology Department

Southern Illinois University, Anthropology Department

Southern Illinois University, Center for Archaeological Investigations

Stanford University, Department of Anthropology

State University of New York at Potsdam, Department of Anthropology

State University of New York College at Oneonta, Department of Anthropology

Temple University, Department of Anthropology

Universidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras (in Spanish/en español)

Universidad de Granada, Departamento de Historia Antigua (Department of Ancient History, University of Grenada, Spain; in Spanish/en español)

Universidad Nacional de Tucuman (Argentina), Instituto de Arqueologia y Museo

University at Albany (State University of New York), Department of Anthropology

University at Buffalo (State University of New York), Department of Anthropology

University College, Dublin Department of Greek and Roman Civilisation

University College, Institute of Archaeology (collected papers)

University of Akron, Department of Anthropology

University of Alabama, Department of Anthropology

University of Arkansas, Department of Anthropology

University of Arizona
Department of Anthropology:
Radiocarbon Dating Center:

University of Auckland, Department of Anthropology

University of Bamberg (Germany), Department of Medieval and Modern Archaeology
German (Deutsch):

University of Barcelona, Unitat de Paleo-etologia Homínida (in Spanish/en español)

University of Belgrade, Department of Archaeology

University of Bradford, Department of Archaeological Sciences

University of Calgary, Archaeology Department

University of California - Berkeley, Department of Anthropology

University of California - Davis, Anthropology Department

University of California at Irvine, Department of Anthropology

University of California, Los Angeles, Anthropology Department

University of California - Santa Barbara, Anthropology Department

University of Chicago
Department of Anthropology:
Oriental Institute:

University of Cincinnati, Department of Anthropology

University of Delaware, Department of Anthropology

University of Edinburgh, Department of Anthropology

University of Durham, Department of Anthropology

University of Geneva (Switzerland), Department of Anthropology

University of Kansas, Department of Anthropology

University of Kentucky, Department of Anthropology

University of Maine, Department of Anthropology

University of Manitoba
Anthropology Department:
Archaeological Digs & Field Studies:
Program in Bronze Age Archaeology:

University of Massachusetts Amherst, Department of Anthropology

University of Melbourne, Department of Classics and Archaeology

University of Memphis (Tennessee)
Anthropology department:
Field School:
Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology:

University of Missouri, Department of Anthropology

University of Montana, Department of Anthropology

University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Anthropology Department

University of Neuchatel (Switzerland)

University of New England, Department of Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology (Australia)

University of Nijmegen (Netherlands), Centre for Pacific Studies (CPS)

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Department of Anthropology

University of Oklahoma, Department of Anthropology

University of Otago, Department of Anthropology

University of Oxford, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology

University of Reading (England), Department of Archaeology

University of South Africa, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology

University of South Carolina, South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology

University of South Dakota, Department of Anthropology

University of South Florida, Graduate Programs in Applied Anthropology

University of Sydney, Archaeological Computing Lab

University of Texas at Austin, Department of Anthropology

University of Tulsa, Department of Anthropology

University of Virginia, Department of Anthropology

University of Washington
Anthropology Department:
Luminescence Dating Lab:

University of Western Australia, Department of Anthropology

University of Western Ontario, Anthropology Deptartment

University of Wisconsin Colleges, Department of Anthropology and Sociology

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Archaeological Studies Program

University of York
Department of Archaeology:
University of York, Archaeology Data Services:

University of Zurich, Department for Prehistory and Early History

Uppsala (Sweden) University, Department of Anthropology

Ural (Russia) State University, Laboratory for Archaeological Research

Utah State University, Anthropology Program

Victoria University of Wellington, Department of Anthropology

Wake Forest University, Department of Anthropology

Washington State University Anthropology homepage

Washington Univ. (St. Louis), Department of Anthropology

Western Connecticut State University, B.A./B.S. Degrees in Anthropology & Sociology

World Wide Web Servers: Other Institutions

American Anthropological Association (American Anthropology Section)

American Committee for Preservation of Archaeological Collections (ACPAC)

American Cultural Resources Association

American Ethnological Society

Anthropology Communications On-Line

Anthropological Society of Nippon

Archaeological and Anthropological Society of Victoria {Australia}

Archaeological Institute of America

Archaeological Society of South Carolina

Association of Historical Archaeologists of the Pacific Northwest

Associazione Antropologica Italiana (in Italian/Italiano)

Australian Anthropological Society

Canadian Anthropology Society

Canadian Archaeological Association

Center for Archaeoastronomy

Center for the Study of Architecture (archaeological and architectural)

Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads

Centre for Computer-aided Egyptological Resources (CCER) [also available via FTP]

Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici (Camunian Center of Prehistoric Studies, Capo-di-Ponte, Valcamonica, Brescia, Italy)

City of York Council Archaeology Page

Colorado Archaeological Society, Indian Peaks Chapter (IPCAS; in Boulder)

Council for British Archaeology

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

Dalhousie's TOSL/ESR Laboratory

Dutch Commision on Archaeological Heritage

Federation of Small Anthropology Programs

G.A.P. Pisa, Tuscany, Italy (Heritage volunteers association)

Gruppo Archeologico Pisano

Institute for Minnesota Archaeology, Minneapolis

Institute of Field Archaeologists, Wessex regional group

International Council on Monuments and Sites

Israeli Foreign Ministry (includes information on archeological excavations in Israel)

Iowa Archeological Society

Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist

Japanese Society of Ethnology

London and Middlesex Archaeological Society (LAMAS)

Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference (MAAC)

Minnesota Historical Society-Archaeology Division, St. Paul

Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office

Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center (MVAC)

MURR Archaeometry Lab (Nuclear Archaeology and Geochemistry Group)

National Association of State Archaeologists

New York State Archaeological Association (NYSAA)

Ontario Archaeological Society

Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland

Society for American Archaeology

Society for Archaeological Sciences

Society for California Archaeology

Society for California Archaeology

Society for Economic Anthropology

Society For Historic Archaeology

Society for Industrial Archeology

Society for Medical Anthropology

Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections

Society for Professional Archeologists

Society for Visual Anthropology

South Dakota State Archaeological Research Center, the Office of the State Archaeologist and a division of the S.D. State Historical Society, State Department of Education and Cultural Affairs

Southeast Archaeological Center

Texas Archeological Society (TAS)

United Archaeological Field Technicians (UAFT)

UV Uppsala (a branch of the Central Board of National Antiquities in Sweden)

Vermont Archaeological Society

Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists (WAPA)

West Virginia Archaeological Research Library

World Archaeological Congress (University of Southampton Dept. of Archaeology)

World Wide Web Servers: Commercial Sites

Archaeological Mapping Specialists (Archaeological GIS, remote sensing, photogrammetry, and computer cartography)

Beta Analytic, Inc. (Radiocarbon dating services)

Cogitas (computer/technology consulting services for archaeological projects and museums)

Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc.

Documentary Educational Resources (anthropology/ethnography, sociology and documentary films)

Ecoscience, Inc. (Moscow, PA-based CRM firm)

Heritage Marketplace

Hunter Research (NJ-based CRM firm)

Libreria Archelogica (in Italian; bookshop specializing in archaeology)

Oxbow Books (specialize in archaeology/history)

RJ Dausman Technical Services(Flote-Tech Flotation Systems)

Pictures of Record Inc. (archaeological slide sets)

Vedams Books International, Anthropology Section

W.G. Winter, Bookseller [Used, Rare & Out-of-Print Books; Anthropology & Archaeology section]


Aerial Archaeology Newsletter

African American Archaeology Newsletter

African Archaeology Review

American Antiquity

Andean Past

Anistoriton (History, Archaeology and Art History)


Anthropoetics (The Electronic Journal of Generative Anthropology)

Anthropological Review Database (ARD; formerly Journal of World Anthropology)

Anthropology Today


Archaeoastronomy & Ethnoastronomy News

Archaeological Computing Newsletter

Archaeological Dialogues

Archaeology Ireland Magazine

Archaeology Magazine
Web Page:

assemblage (The Sheffield Graduate Journal of Archaeology)

At the Edge (Exploring new interpretations of past and place in archaeology mythology and folklore)

Berkeley Archaeology

British Archaeology

Bulletin of Information on Computing in Anthropology

Bulletin of Italian Ethnomusicology

Ciberjob (in Spanish/en Español)

Coombspapers Data Bank (Electronic repository of social science & humanities research papers and documents)
ftp to & get file INDEX from directory `coombspapers'.

CRM (National Park Service journal on cultural resource management)

Cultural Anthropology Methods (CAM)

Cultus (in Dutch; published by Quetzalcoatl, the Nijmegen Student Association for Anthropology)

Current Anthropology

Current Archaeology

Discover Archaeology

Electronic Antiquity
ftp archive:

Ethnologie Heute (in German/Deutsch)

Forum Archaeologiae (Austrian Journal of Archaeology)

Glasgow University Archaeological Research Division (GUARD) Digest Reports

The Glyph (Archaeological Institute of America, San Diego Society)

Internet Archaeology

Internet Journal of Anthropological Studies (IJAS)

Journal of Field Archaeology

Journal of Material Culture

Journal of Political Ecology {Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology, University of Arizona}

Journal of Roman Archaeology

KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt

Latin American Antiquity

LEVANT (Archaeology of Palestine, Transjordan, Syria and Lebanon)

Music & Anthropology (primarily Mediterranean)

Noticias de Antropología y Arqueología (in Spanish/en español)

Online Archaeology

Ontario Archaeology

Society for American Archaeology Bulletin
World Wide Web:

Theoretical Anthropology

World Systems Archive (Announcements, documents, data, biographical and publications information)
ftp to and connect to directory `wsystems'.

Other Anthropology Resource Collections

Anthronet at University of Virginia

Anthropology and American Indian Sites on the Internet

Anthropology Rersources (Binghamton University Libraries)

Anthropology Web Ring

Anthro TECH

Archaeology on the Net

Archaeology Resources for Education

Hal Rager's Archaeology Links

International Directory of Aegean Prehistorians

Jessica's Archaeology, Anthropology, and Sociology Pages

Lorelei's "Comprehensive List of Archaeological Links"

Matt's Paleo Pages

Nicole's AnthroPage

Point of Reference

Tommi's Medical Anthropology Page

"Cool Web Stuff" (UCSB web site list; lots of anthro links, arranged by discipline and geographical area)

USC's Virtual Library (Anthropology)

Western Connecticut State University List: Anthropology Internet Resources

Yahoo Anthropology/Archaeology Server

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