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The Anthropological Index of the Royal Anthropological Institute

The Anthropological Index Online has been made available with the financial support of the William Buller Fagg Charitable Trust and the practical support of CSAC at UKC.

The Anthropological Index Online.

The Anthropological Index Online is based on the journal holdings of The Anthropology Library at the The British Museum (Museum of Mankind) which receives periodicals in all branches of anthropology, from academic institutions and publishers around the world.

The data is (c) RAI and use is permitted for educational non-commercial purposes (including private study). Commercial institutions wishing to use Anthropological Index Online are asked to contact the RAI to arrange access. Detail of conditions of use and copyright

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During 2000 and early 2001 a retrospective conversion was undertaken which has added some 100,000 records going back to 1957. These were originally published on paper as vols 1-22 of the Anthropological Index. As part of this work we have modified the existing data to enable searching by the language of the article.
The retrospective conversion has been enabled by grants to the Royal Anthropological Institute from the Getty Foundation, ESRC (UK), the Mellon Trust, the Pilgrim Trust and the Marsh Christian Trust for which we are extremely grateful. The main work of the conversion was undertaken by the UK Higher Education Digitisation service (HEDS).

The online data is being regularly updated, and other improvements are planned. Currently data is available without the full accents - we welcome feedback to help us choose the way of representing accented charactors that is accessible to most of our users - which will change with time. Links to Feedback forms are included on the Search page

Note: several users have reported a network problem leading to incomplete receipt of the search page. The clearest symptom of this is the absence of any button to click on to perform a search. This arises if the network connection fails during an attempt to download the search page. The resulting, incomplete, file then sits in the local cache, and keeps reappearing. There are two suggestions - try the "reload" button which should avoid the cache, or even purge your cache and then try again. Some users report it as being more a problem for Netscape than Internet Explorer, others the other way round! This problem, unfortunately, is beyond our control. We suspect it as being an artefact caused by Microsoft NT networking, and will advise as the evidence accumulates.

Please send comments and suggestions and notifications of any errors in the data to CSAC

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