Perspectives on the State:
From Political History to Ethnography in Cameroon.
Essays for Sally Chilver

First published in Paideuma 1995

Made available here with the kind permission of the Editor of Paideuma.
Editors' Introduction
Ian Fowler and David Zeitlyn
The Road To The Unitary State Of Cameroon 1959-1972
Bongfen Chem-Langhëë
Reunification And Political Opportunism In The Making Of Cameroon's Independence
Martin Z. Njeuma
Indirect Rule In Colonial And Post-Colonial Cameroon
Nantang Ben Jua
Chieftaincy In The Modern State: An Institution At The Crossroads Of Democratic Change
Cyprian F. Fisiy
Bafut Under Colonial Administration 1900-1949
Mathias L. Niba
Gender And Accumulation In Nso'
Mitzi Goheen
Structures Of Control And Power And The Implications For Social Change In A Western Grassfields Chiefdom
J.A. Mope Simo Merged Bibliography
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