Experience-rich anthropology

Enhancing the teaching and learning of anthropological concepts by widening student experience using anthropological field materials.

A consortium of UK universities led by CSAC is developing "experience-based" teaching units over the next 3 years with the support of UK HEFCE funding under the FDTL program. This WWW site will contain information about the project as it develops.

This project will enhance the teaching and learning of anthropology by encouraging teachers to help students explore the relationships between field data and analysis as reported in monographs and journal articles. Experience at UKC and elsewhere has shown that students value and benefit from being able to study field data as well as the results of its analysis. The project will disseminate elements, methods and sample teaching materials based on existing field data (field notes, film or photographic or other types of data) suitable for incorporation into current and new courses.

Project outline

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Results from the Experience-rich anthropology ERA Winter School 15-17 January 1999

Material to introduce the project goals

Protecting images with digital fingerprinting

Coming Soon

The full-text of Phyliss Kaberry's 'Women of the Grassfields'
and other useful texts!

Working Papers

Report by Ana Moya on ways of making material available over WWW

Summary of the 1996-97 Annual Report

Outline of Project dissemination strategy

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This project has been funded by HEFCE under the FDTL program.
Last updated 10 Jan 2000