Old village houses

Quenza: Notes and photographs

- a non-specialist account

Quenza is a commune in the mountains of southern Corsica, covering a large area. The village is at 800m but to the north of the main settlement are mountains reaching over 2000m. To the south are thickly wooded valleys. Small hamlets are distributed about the lower mountain slopes but many are occupied only in summer.

The village has a church, a primary school, the mairie (administrative centre), a post office, two shops, two bars and a hotel. The old houses are built of the local granite. Many are very large and several storeys high. Staircases, sometimes several to one house, show the history of property subdivision.

Between the houses are small, enclosed gardens. There are a number of fountains which are used for drinking water. Piped water is suitable for cooking and washing. Depsite warm summers, the numerous streams coming down from the mountains make the area verdant all year long.

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