Concise Staff Information
    Centre for Social 
Anthropology and Computing

    Concise Staff Information

    DOSSA (Dept. of Sociology and Social Anthropology)

    MEMBERS l995/6

    Name College Room Phone Ext. Email Current Role
    (Dean of SS) K A 1.2 3898 ssdean General Email Address
    Dr. Lisa ADKINS E L15 7267 la Full Time Staff
    Dr. Phil BROWN E W3.E1 3413 pbl Full Time Staff
    Dr. Nevill COLCLOUGH E L20 3146 ntc Full Time Staff
    Dr. John CORBIN E Sl.W1 7739 jrc2 Full Time Staff
    Dr. Howard DAVIS E L47 3327 hhd Full Time Staff
    Prof. Roy ELLEN E L30 3421 rfe Full Time Staff
    Prof. Mary EVANS D H.22 7534 mse Full Time Staff
    Dr. Michael FISCHER E L32 3144 mfl Full Time Staff
    Dr. Frank FUREDI E L18 7437 ff2 Full Time Staff
    Michael GILBERT E E2.S 1 3316 N/A Full Time Staff
    Dr. Jacqui HALSON E N4.W1A 3551 jah2 Full Time Staff
    Prof. Chris HANN E W4.4 3233 cmh Full Time Staff
    John JERVIS E S3.E1 3345 jjl Full Time Staff
    Dr. Jeremy KEMP E L19 3232 jhk Full Time Staff
    Dr. John KESBY E L5 7496 N/A Full Time Staff
    Dr. Oliver KORTENDICK E L40 4097 owk Full Time Staff
    Prof. Krishan KUMAR N/A N/A N/A jkk Ex. Full Time Staff
    Dr. Nadia LOVELL E L41 7845 nil Full Time Staff
    David MORGAN E -L17 7463 dgm Full Time Staff
    Prof. Ray PAHL N/A N/A 3471 N/A Emeritus Professor
    Dr. Peter PARKES E L38 7256 p.s.c.parkes Full Time Staff
    Dr. Giuliana PRATO E L25 3632 gbp Full Time Staff
    Dr. Laura RIVAL E L39 3148 Imr Full Time Staff
    Chris ROOTES E S4.S1 3374 car Full Time Staff
    Dr. Miri SONG E L22 7042 ams Full Time Staff
    Prof. Paul STIRLING E W4.4 3233 psl Emeritus Professor
    Dr. Penny VERA-SANSO E L16 7404 pv Full Time Staff
    Dr. Christin KOCHER-SCHMID E S4.W1 7268 ck Full Time Staff
    Dr. Bill WATSON E L43 7671 cwwl Full Time Staff
    Dr. David ZEITLYN E L31 3360 dz3 Full Time Staff
    Alan BICKER E L24a 3686 ab18 Associated Staff
    Dr. Ildiko BELLER-HANN E L24 3686 ib Associated Staff
    Dr. John KNIGHT E N2.W1C 7992 N/A Associated Staff
    Dr. Janet BAGG K E1.01 3937 jb6 Research Associate
    Jane BEX E L24A 3982 cjb Research Associate
    Tracey BROWN E L23 3051 tb3 Research Associate
    Ripalta COLUCCELLI K E1.06 3937 N/A Research Associate
    Matthew DAVID E L24A 3982 md6 Research Associate
    Christine EAGLE E L24A 3982 cme Research Associate
    Jean HOSKING K E1.06 3937 Ijhl Research Associate
    Steven Charles WILSON E L48 3874 scw3 Research Associate
    Jan HORN E L45 3942 jch2 Secretary
    Nicola KERRY E L44 3471 nakl Secretary
    Shelley ROFFEY E LA~ 7056 srl6 Secretary
    Ethnobiology Laboratory E Becket Court 7250 N/A N/A N/A

    E = Eliot; D = Darwin; K= Keynes; R = Rutherford.

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