The Yoruba Today

J.S. Eades

(Originally published by Cambridge University Press 1980, published on WWW with permission

Copyright (c) J.S. Eades)

Author's note on the online version

In order to make the text of this book available as quickly as possible, the text alone has been scanned in from the original, omitting the diagrams, maps and photographs. It may be possible to add these in a subsequent version. Also left for future versions are italics and the dots under the letters e, o, and s, as described in the note on orthography below. Yoruba specialists will easily be able to supply them, and non-Yoruba specialists will not be particularly worried by their omission.



1. Introduction

2. The pre-colonial period

3. Kinship and the Yoruba town

4. The structure of economic opportunity

5. Local and national politics

6 Belief systems and religious organisation

7 Inequality and ethnicity

8 Bibliography