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CSAC Monographs is a series produced by the Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing, University of Kent, which aims to make available specialist material in social anthropology and sociology at the lowest possible cost. Production and distribution costs will be kept to a minimum by the use of up-to-date information technology and direct mailing.

The intention is to expand the series as rapidly as possible, and we are willing to consider a wide variety of material including: unpublished dissertations which are still of current interest; edited collections based on conferences and symposia; new editions of important work currently unavailable; and monographs which because of their unusual length or specialist nature are not considered commercially viable by conventional publishers.

Available now:

  1. Jerry Eades and Caroline Schwaller (eds.) Transitional Agendas: Working papers from the Summer School for Soviet Sociologists , 1991, £5.00

  2. Nevill Colclough Land, Politics and Power in a Southern Italian Community 1992 ISBN 0 904938 15 8 £8.00

  3. Nevill Colclough The Political and Social Context of Industrialisation: the case of Manfredonia 1992 ISBN 0 904938 16 6 £8.00

  4. C. W. Watson Kinship, Property and Inheritance in Kerinci, Central Sumatra 1992 ISBN 0 904938 19 0 £10.00

  5. Jeremy Kemp Hua Kok: Social Organization in North-Central Thailand 1992 ISBN 0 904938 18 2 £10.00

  6. Roy Ellen Nuaulu Ethnozoology: A systematic inventory 1993 ISBN 0 904938 20 4 £12.00

  7. David Goss Questions in Sociology and Social Anthropology: A collection of papers by Derek Allcorn 1994 ISBN 0 904938 47 6 £7.50

  8. Andrew Duff-Cooper, Andrew Lang on Totemism: 1912 text of totemism by Andrew Lang 1994 ISBN 0-904938-53-0 £15.00 **

  9. Chris Hann The Skeleton at the Feast: Contributions to East European Anthropology 1995 ISBN 0-904038 66 2 Price: £15.00**

  10. Suenari Michio, J.S. Eades and Christian Daniels Perspectives on Chinese Society: Anthropological views from Japan 1995 ISBN 0-904938-54-9 £15.00**

  11. NN

  12. Oliver Kortendick Drei Schwestern und ihre Kinder. - Rekonstruktion von Familiengeschichte und Identitätstransmission bei Indischen Nederlanders mit Hilfe computerunterstützter Inhaltsanalyse, 1996 ISBN 0 904938 98 0 £15.00**

  13. Michael Fischer Oliver Kortendick and David Zeitlyn The APFT Content Code System 1996 ISBN 0 904 938 97 2

  14. Birgit Muller, Power and Institutional Change in Post-Communist Eastern Europe, 1999, £10.00
  15. Michael Fischer Oliver Kortendick and David Zeitlyn - The CSAC Content Code System 2001 - in prep

  16. Kevin Waldie Cattle and Concrete 2001 online only
  17. David Zeitlyn Reading in the modern world. Writing and the virtual world Anthropological perspectives on computers and the internet. 2001 online only
  18. Herman Gufler - Affliction and Moral Order: Conversations in Yambaland 2003
  19. Ma `Angels Trias i Valls. online only Ritual Prestations and Social Obligations in Contemporary Japan. 2001
  20. Judith Aston and Wendy James - The Uduk Project: a multimedia experiment2003 forthcoming CD Rom only
Postage and packing £1.75/£2.25* (British Isles), £3.25/£4.25* (airmail) per copy. Cheques should be made payable to UNIKENT.
Heavier volumes marked with ** above are £2.00 (British Isles) and £4.00 (airmail).

Postage and packing £1.75/£2.25* (British Isles), £3.25/£4.2 5* (airmail) per copy. Cheques in Sterling should be made payable to UNIKENT. Credit card payment possible.

Also Available:

Malinowski Between Two Worlds edited by Roy Ellen, Ernest Gellner, Grazyna Kubica, Janusz Mucha, £6.00 per copy plus postage £2.00 UK /£3.00 Europe/£6.00 World/£3.00 Surface.
The Cultural Relations of Classification: an analysis of Nuaulu animal categories from Central Seram by Roy Ellen, 16.00 per copy plus postage 2.00 UK/3.00 Europe/6.00 World/3.00 Surface.
The two for 22.00 plus postage 2.75 UK/4.00 Europe/8.00 World/4.00 Surf ace.

Orders, editorial enquiries and requests for further information should be sent to CSAC Monographs, CSAC Office, Eliot College, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK. CT2 7NS.

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