A L P A M Y S H Central Asian Identity under Russian Rule


Association for the Advancement of Central Asian Research Monograph Series
Hartford, Connecticut

First AACAR Edition, 1989
ALPAMYSH: Central Asian Identity under Russian Rule
COPYRIGHT 1979, 1989 by H. B. PAKSOY All Rights Reserved
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Paksoy, H. B., 1948- ALPAMYSH: central Asian identity under Russian rule. (Association for the Advancement of Central Asian Research monograph series) Includes bibliographical references (p. ) Includes index. 1. Soviet Central Asia--History--Sources. 2. Alpamish. 3. Epic Literature, Turkic. 4. Soviet Central Asia--Politics and Government. I. Title. II. Series. DK847.P35 1989 958.4 89-81416 ISBN: 0-9621379-9-5 ISBN: 0-9621379-0-1 (pbk.)

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Acknowledgements i

Preface iii

Chapter One ALPAMYSH and the Turkic Dastan Genre 1

Chapter Two Attempts to Destroy and Save Alpamysh, Phase I 18

Chapter Three The Alpamysh Dastan 50 Translation of Divay's 1901 Alpamysh 57 Commentary 98

Chapter Four Attempts to Destroy and Save Alpamysh, Phase II 120 Soviet Offensive 120 Composite Synopsis of Alpamysh 127 Alpamysh and the dastan genre in perspective 151

Select Bibliography 160

Index 163

Appendix Divay's 1901 Alpamysh 165