Curriculum Vitae


Emmanuel de Merode


21 Ravenstone Street Date of birth: 5 May 1970

London SW12 9ST Nationality: Belgian

United Kingdom Marital status: Single

Tel: 0181 6733487




September 1994 to August 1997. University College London. PhD in Biological Anthropology.

"Rural subsistence, seasonality and food security: community use and conservation of wild resources in North Eastern Zaïre".

- 3 year project conducted under the auspices of the Institut Zaïrois pour la Conservation de la Nature (IZCN) and funded by the European Union's "Future of the Tropical Forest Peoples" Programme.

- A multi-disciplinary research project using economic, ecological and anthropological methodologies to explore the relationship between wild resource use, development and conservation.

- Use of household dietary monitoring, participatory rural appraisal, remote sensing and market, household and wildlife surveys. Data integration using geographic information systems (GIS).

1989 - '92. University of Durham, U.K. BA in Geography and Anthropology (Honours) 2.ii.

- Included options in human ecology, cultural anthropology, demography and African development.

1990 - '92. University of Durham, U.K. Certificate course in Environmental Management.

1983 - '88. Downside School, U.K. A' Levels: French (A), Geography (B), History (B).


KEY Skills

Project Experience

Project design and implementation: proposal writing and budgeting. Negotiating with donors.

Project management: working with counterparts and coordinating a team of 5 researchers (finance, accounts, drawing up work plans, chairing meetings).

Private pilot's licence (100 hours), competent in vehicle mechanics.


Research and Monitoring

Social and ecological research: design, implementation and analysis.

Participatory rural appraisal including wealth ranking, village mapping and food preference scoring.


Capacity Building

Designing and implementing training programmes for mixed ability groups of trainees.

Facilitating discussion groups.

Establishing, maintaining and managing field and laboratory based computing facilities.


Data Analysis and Computing Skills

- Use of DOS, VMS and UNIX operating systems and Windows applications.

- Extensive experience in the use of GIS and remote sensing techniques (Arc/Info, ERDAS and Idrisi).

- Advanced use of various word processors, spreadsheet, database and graphics packages.

- Data analysis using standard statistical models (SPSS, GLIM), geostatistics and dynamic modelling.

- Touch typing at forty words per minute.



Fluent written and spoken English and French. Basic knowledge of Lingala.


Professional experience

January to April 1995

Teaching assistant at University College London, Department of Anthropology, UK.

Facilitating undergraduate tutorials in human ecology.


April 1993 to September 1994

Technical advisor with the World Wide Fund for Nature, Garamba National Park Project, Zaïre.

Work with the chief technical advisor to improve methods of collecting and analysing field data and to train Zaïrois personnel in the use of digital data analysis and GIS. Projects included:


Developed and implemented a training package for Zaïrois research officers in basic computer skills, the use of spreadsheets, statistical packages, database management systems, GIS and remote sensing.

Developed and implemented a training course for national park scouts in basic data collection techniques to ensure accurate data input to the GIS.

Facilitated workshops with national park personnel (project evaluation) and village communities (community conservation project planning).

Research and Monitoring

developed a simple GIS decision support system to zone the park into conservation priority areas.

development of a habitat map using digital satellite imagery.

demographic study of human populations around the park, including various short enquiries into attitudes towards wildlife conservation, settlement structure and crop damage by elephants.

October 1992 to March 1993

Geographic Information Systems Analyst for the World Conservation Monitoring Centre in Kenya.

To maintain the African Elephant Database held at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The objective of this project was to collaborate with national representatives of the IUCN African Elephant Specialist Group and provide advice on collecting and collating the best available data on the status and distribution of African elephants.

July to October 1991 and July to October 1992

Two internships for the United Nations Environment Programme's Global Resource Information Database (UNEP/GRID), Kenya.

Assisted with the planning and development of a meta-database system for organising and distributing regional level environmental data. Gained hands-on experience in GIS, digital satellite image processing, and the use of digital data in a P.C., mini and work station computer environment.

August 1988 to July 1989

National service in the Belgian armed forces.


Short Term Appointments

September 1994

United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), Kenya to organise and undertake a one week training course in basic use of GIS (using Idrisi) for Malagasy environment officers.

June 1992

Research assistant for a Durham/Nehru University project in the UK, on women, poverty and development in India. Assignment to produce a GIS database that integrates the 1991 India National Census with spatial data.

December 1991 to January 1992

EC African Elephant Survey and Conservation Project, Kenya. Voluntary assignment to prepare a demonstration package on the use of its GIS database in preparation for the 1992 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) - also featured in GIS World magazine (June 1992) and BBC Despatches documentary (March 1992).


Peer reviewed Publications

de Merode, E., M. Likango, K. Hillman Smith, 1996, Geographic Information Systems for Protected Area Zonation at Garamba National Park, Zaïre. In: Powers, C. Grichner, A. (eds.). GIS and remote sensing for natural resource management. ODA, University of Greenwich.

Hillman Smith K., E. de Merode, A. Nicolas, B. Buls, A. Ndey, 1995, Factors affecting Elephant distribution at Garamba National Park and surrounding reserves, Zaïre, with a focus on human-elephant conflict. Pachyderm 1995, 19: 39 - 48.


Conference papers

- USAID, World Bank, WWF-US, NASA/Pathfinder Workshop on monitoring biodiversity in Central Africa. "Developing a field based GIS and remote sensing facility in North Eastern Zaïre". January 1997, Washington DC.

- The Royal Geographical Society's Biodiversity Support Programme. "A methodology for making ecological data accessible to policy makers" March 1997, London, UK.

- International Association of Landscape Ecology's conference on Landscape patterns and landscape change. "GIS as a tool for integrating remote sensing, ecological and socio-economic data for protected area policy making in North Eastern Zaïre". April 1997, Chester, UK.

- European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories Symposium on "Future Trends in Remote Sensing". "Finding the Balance: GIS and remote sensing to understand human and conservation priorities for environmental conflict resolution and policy formulation in North Eastern Zaïre" June 1997, Copenhagen.



9 reports including:

- de Merode, E. 1993 Manuel de formation en systèmes d'information géographique et en télédétection. (WWF, Garamba National Park Project - internal report). (Also available in English).

- de Merode, E, Likango, M. 1993 Habitat classification of Garamba National Park and surrounding reserves using Landsat MSS satellite data. (WWF, Garamba National Park Project - internal report).

- de Merode, E, 1994, Status report: Developing geographic information systems at Garamba National Park, Zaïre. (WWF, Garamba National Park Project - internal report).



University College London Graduate School Research Award (1995).

University College London Graduate School Research Award (1996).

London University Irwin Fund Award for field work (1996).

Parke's Foundation Award for Research in the Social Sciences (University of Cambridge) (1997).



Dr. Katherine Homewood Dr. A.K.K. HillmanSmith

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