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Making Tradition in the Cook Islands

From 1992 to present Michael Fischer and Wenonah Lyon have been investigating the role and processes of tradition in the Cook Islands, a modern Polynesian island nation located about 1000 km due west of the Society Islands. We will be presenting some of the materials we have collected there, still images, video and sound recordings, as well as the texts which have been based on these. We will also be including material by others with their permission.

To begin things, we are including Mauke Dance a short Quicktime Movie (4 meg.) of 14 seconds of a dance performance by residents of the island of Mauke at the 1993 Agriculture Show on Rarotonga, Cook Islands.


Social Context and the Limits on Symbolic Meanings Wenonah Lyon


Vaka ki Moruroa - Cook Islands' Response to French Nuclear Testing 14/8/95

CIA Factbook 94 -- Entry for Cook Islands

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